Unusual Coins of the Eastern Europe

By the beginning of the Olympic Games in Vancouver, Eesti Pank began selling this new 10-kroon silver coins.
On the obverse of the coin – a stylized image of racing skiers
The reverse shows the coat of arms of the Republic of EstoniaMoneta developed Stanislav Kalinin and minted coins in the Mint of Finland.


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By 1000 – Anniversaru of Lithuania.

Otchekanena new coin, dedicated to 1000 – Anniversary of Lithuania. 

The coin in 2009 depicted Grand Duke Gediminas the tower of Gediminas Castle and oak

leaves – a symbol of the fortress of the State of Lithuania.

Par coin – 99 litas.

Struk in nickel silver and brass.



Otchekanena the new coin of the city Pyltsmaa.

Pyltsmaa (up to 1917 – Oberpalen – Oberpahlen)

Pyltsmaa known as the «royal city». In the XVI century, was the capital of the Kingdom of Livonia

 and the residence of the Duke Magnus.

New series of «exclusive collector coin» of Russia.

Poyavilis new coins St.Peterburg, Peterhof and Kronstadt.

And is expected to continue this series of coins.





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