Unusual Coins of the Eastern Europe

Not so long ago accidentally came to the site collectors cigarettes

 brand «Camel».


It turns out they are successfully collecting all over the world.

I wanted to find similar sites for collectors

«Marlboro» and other firms, but not found.

Therefore decided to show that we have in Estonia in this regard …

Now on my site first you will see all kinds of cigarettes «Camel»

which are issued in Estonia, where they are sold …

But it did show the cigarettes and nearest neighbors -

Latvia and Finland.

1. cigarette brand «Camel» – Estonia

2. Cigarette brands «Marlboro» – Estonia.

3. cigarette brand «Camel» – Latvia 1

4. cigarette brand «Camel» – Latvia 2

5. Cigarette brands «Marlboro» – Latvia.

6. cigarette brand «Camel» – Finland

7. Cigarette brands «Marlboro» – Finland.

8. Cigarette brands «Camel» – Sweden

9. Cigarette brands «Marlboro» – Sweden

10. Cigarette brands «Winston» – Estonia.