Unusual Coins of the Eastern Europe



About site

J am glad to welcome you on your site «Fantastic (Unusual) coins Eastern Europe.»

The site is just beginning its work.

  The site under «Coins»you can see. both public and private issues of coins of Estonia, local,

memorabilia, souvenirs and proof coin (coin-tokens), payment tokens, as well as other coins

minted in Estonia as well as related her.

   In the sections «Bones» I will show today’s coupons Estonia, their special editions (the substituted

samples and coupons), interest on bonah marriages, as well as local and souvenir issuing coupons,

shopping coupons and comanies in Estonia, etc.

  In the section «Cards» will show the «plastic money» – cards of Estonian and other banks, operating

in Estonia.

  In the section «Partners» you’ll see links to sites where you can still see these coins and coupons


   In the «Articles» section will oxplain the release of coins and banknotes from newapapers,

magazines and other publications.

   In the later section «The availability of» will be reorganized info the internet shop, where you

can buy it all. While all this can be done already today by sending your order, looking in the

 section «Contacts»


                                       And about yourself.

I am 57 years old. We have already retired.

Sam collect coins, paper money and cards of «plastic money»of the former republics of the former USSR.


In 1998 he created the directory «Phonecards of Estonia 1993-1998″, which later in 2000 was «at loggerheads»

in «World Phonecard Catalogue» – Specialized Edition 2000.


I wold be grateful for good advice about the reference site, the exchenge of material, which can fill up the pages

of my catalog.

Best regards,

                                Your Anatoli Shishkevich